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about pampshade


Pampshade is a handmade product made from real bread.

I love bread.
A bread has some interesting charms. There’re potentials besides just as food.

I’s completely new interior lamp which meets such charms of bread and warm light.
This unique lamp made from tasty bread will lights you warmly.

Bread flour, Cake flour, Salt, Yeast, LEDs, Batteries, and so on...

※"Pampshade" is resisted mark of Yukiko Morita. It is provided to use or make "Pampshade"..

Pampshade is durable, because of special treatment and resin coating.


Who madepampshade ?

Yukiko Morita

Yukiko Morita (Artist)


I love bread, Bread are cute, I’d like to take a long look at it...
Bread is always inspiring me.

2006  a wonderful encounter with baker foe me.
2007  absorbed bread sutudy.
2007  the first pampshade prototype was born.
2008  graduate from Kyoto University of Arts.
2008-2015 Kyoto Nishikawa Co., Ltd. / Graphic & Textile & WEB Designer, Planner
2016  Starting art works: Pampshade in Kobe / Japan.

Q & A

Q. Do Pampshade go bad?
A. No. Pampshades are coated by resin to protect from decay or mold and strengthen. Don't warry!

Q. Where do inside of breads go?
A. Of couse, We eat! We remake for rusk, quiche, french toast, donuts, ans so on...

  • クルトン
  • キッシュ
  • シリアルバー
  • フレンチトースト
  • ピザ
  • 豆腐ドーナツ