new Start to sale for overseas!【web】

All of foreign countries.
We started to sale Pampshade for overseas. You can buy bread lamp from everywhere from here!!!

Kobe news paper(2015.10)

I got interviewed and appeared in magazine "Kobe news paper".
Date : 23,Oct,2015


Kobe economy news paper (web)(2015.10)

I got interviewed and appeared in magazine "Kobe economy news paper".


Asahi news paper(2015.10)

I got interviewed and appeared in magazine "Asahi news paper".

Fashion Look Book「N. Natural Beauty Basic」(2015.9)

Pampshade was used as Photographic accessories at Fashion Look Book "N. Natural Beauty Basic 2015AW".孫の力

Magazine「Nikkei Design」(2015.8)

Pampshade appeared in 『Nikkei Design』



TV broadcast「News Terrace Kansai」by NHK Kansai(2015.7)

The TV program of "『News Terrace Kansai』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 22,July,2015 18:10〜

TV broadcast「Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai」by TBS TV(2015.6)

The TV program of "『Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 18,June,2015

TV broadcast「Momochihama Store」by TNC TV(2015.5)

The TV program of "『Momochihama Store』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 26,May,2015

TV broadcast「Nande Nande」by Kansai TV(2015.4)

The TV program of "『Nande Nande』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 20,April,2015

Information magazine『Asahi GreenFamily No.306』(2015.4)

Pampshade appeared in 『Asahi GreenFamily No.306』.

Magazine『Tabeyoubi 2015 1st ISSUE』(2015.4)

Pampshade appeared in 『Tabeyoubi 2015 1st ISSUE』.

TV broadcast「News anchor」by Kansai TV(2015.1)

The TV program of "『News anchor』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 26,January,2015.

TV broadcast「asa-chan」by TBS(2015.1)

The TV program of "『asa chan』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 22,January,2015.

Magazine『DIME Feb Issue』(2015.1)

Pampshade appeared in 『DIME Feb Issue』.

TV broadcast「Viking」by Fuji TV(2014.12)

The TV program of "『Viking』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 12,December,2014 am11:55~.

TV broadcast「Kansai Joho-net ten.」by Yomiuri TV(2014.11)

The TV program of "『Kansai Joho-net ten.』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 4,November,2014.


Pampshade appeared in 『Mago-no-Chikara』at 20 issue.


TV broadcast『Gadget Man』by channel4【UK】(2014.10)

The TV program of "『Gadget Man』introduces Pampshade.

Date : 6,October,2014 at 20:30~ at channel4 in UK.


Pampshade appeared in 『CONDE』at August issue, which is about design magazine in Taiwan.


TV broadcast「Osaka honwaka TV」by Yomiuri TV(2014.6)

The TV program of "Osaka honwaka TV" introduces Pampshade.

Date : 6,July,2014 at pm 10:30~

Web magazine(2014.6)

I got interviewed by "Urepia Soken".

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Web magazine(2013.12)

Pampshade appeared in "Gizmode UK" and "Gizmode JAPAN".

→Lamps Made From Real Bread Must Smell Delicious

Web magazine(2013.10)

I got interviewed by "女子力アップCafe Googirl".

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I got interviewed and appeared in magazine "私のハンドメイド".

TV broadcast「Sumatan & ZIP」by Yomiuri TV(2013.4.15)

The TV program of "Sumatan & ZIP" introduces Pampshade.

Date : 15,April,2013

TV broadcast「Ohayou Asahidesu」by Asahi TV(2012.8.20)

The TV program of "Ohayou Asahidesu" introduces Pampshade.

Date : 20,August,2012

Asahi news paper(2012.6.20)

I got interviewed and appeared in magazine "Asahi news paper" at "Machi no maizoubunkajin" column.

Date : 20,June,2012